Fuji-Haya Electric was founded in 1978 through a Technical Licensing Agreement in Tokyo between Haya Electrical Industries and Fuji Electric Co., LTD. With 40 years in the business, Fuji-Haya Electric is the longest local manufacturer of Electrical Distribution and Control Equipment.

Since it’s inception in 1978, Fuji-Haya Electric has supplied in all of the industries. From small commercial buildings, to high rise condominiums, malls, mining companies, utility companies such as Meralco, manufacturing companies, and projects located as far as Djibouti in East Africa. There is no doubt that Fuji-Haya Electric has the widest and most credible portfolio in any of its counterparts in the Philippines.

Quality, Cost, Delivery, Service — these are the four core values of Fuji-Haya Electric. We ensure quality by strictly adhering to the Japanese design and standards that was entrusted to us by Fuji-Electric Co., LTD of Japan. Furthermore, Fuji-Haya will always supply what is specified by the client, and will never go below what is required.

Our processes in our facility are continuously reviewed and engineered to be able to maximize efficiency and lower our costs. Moreover, together with the quality and design of our equipment, we are able to provide the best value to our customers.

Aside from quality and cost, Fuji-Haya Electric has the capacity and expertise to deliver equipment as fast as 2 weeks if need be. Furthermore, our after-sales department operates on weekends and holidays to ensure the customer’s peace of mind.

Fuji-Haya Electric is committed to providing the best quality of electrical equipment, with the fastest delivery time, at the best value, and lastly, with a lifetime after sales support. We understand that selling these types of equipment is not a one time transaction, but a lifetime agreement in service.

The equipment we supplied in 1978 are still functioning and being serviced up to this date. This mere fact is a testament to Fuji-Haya Electric’s never ending commitment to serve all of its customers.


Our Distribution and Lighting Panelboards are all assembled in our factory with a lead time as fast as 1 to 2 weeks from approval of shop drawings. These Panelboards are manufactured by skilled personnel and governed by Fuji-Haya Electric’s rigorous Japanese quality standards. Accessories such as terminal lugs and reference as-built drawings are also included inside our Panelboards. This is in contrast to other suppliers who do not include standard accessories and burden the client with multiple change-orders. Furthermore to ensure the quality and the integrity of all our equipment we conduct 100% testing on all of our equipment. Even the small Enclosed Circuit Breakers that go by the thousands are all tested one by one and all testing documents are available for the client’s reference and peace of mind.

Fuji-Haya Electric supplies LSIS brand of Transformers. We supply 34.5 kv 24 kv and 13.8 kv Padmount Dry-TypeCast Resin Type and Oil-immersed Transformers. Installation services such as positioning termination and hauling are also provided by Fuji-Haya Electric.

Fuji-Haya Electric teamed up with Shizuki Co. in Japan which has almost 50 years of manufacturing Medium and Low Voltage Power Capacitors. Using state of the art equipment specially built by Shizuki's Engineering Team. It uses a Self Healing (SH) Metalized Electrode that enables isolation of faulty segments. The said capacitors with Polypropylene (PP) for dielectrics are widely used thus giving Low Loss and Temperature Rise Margin. Shizuki Capacitors boast of Super Low Loss high reliability and long life.

Fuji-Haya Electric supplies and installs Busduct from LS Cable Systems LTD. Our Busduct partners boast a track record of being the third largest cable manufacturer not only in Asia but in the entire world. LS Cable’s specifications are in accordance with industry standards. Their Busduct has the specific IP ratings needed by customers together with the option of Aluminum and Copper type busbars. Furthermore they also have the option to supply either PET Film (Mylar) or Epoxy insulation with Epoxy insulation being the superior one with three times the life span of PET Film (Mylar) insulated Busducts.

Our switchgears are of the highest quality in the Philippines. Borne out of the technical licensing agreement with Fuji-Electric Japan our switchgears have the design excellence and intricacies of a Japanese grade switchgear at a very competitive local price. There are no cutting of corners and shortcuts in the way Fuji-Haya Electric manufactures their Switchgears. Standards such as clearances partitionings metal thickness and busbar sizes are all carefully implemented in our equipment and in accordance to PEC (Philippine Electrical Code). Fuji-Haya Electric’s Switchgears are simply the best and ahead of it’s time in the industry. Standards: NEMA IEC JIS UL Types: High Voltage Medium Voltage Low Voltage. Ratings: 36kv 24kv 13.8kv 6.9kv 4.6kv 3.3kv 480v 400230v 230v.


Fuji-Haya Electric’s equipment are of high quality both on the inside and the outside. No minute detail is left out as the paint thickness is also rigorously tested down to every micron. Furthermore Fuji-Haya-Electric has the necessary facilities to process and paint thousands of enclosures every day. Specialized colors are also available upon the request of customers.

The Metal Forming process of Fuji-Haya Electric was designed by metallurgists who specialize in electrical equipment enclosure manufacturing. From punching bending welding all the way up to enclosure assembly each step is engineered and optimized the result is the quick and efficient productions of the best quality of enclosures possible for every electrical equipment.

Each of our product is designed and based on the customer's requirements and specifications. With that said the assembly process can easily get out of hand if left unchecked. However Fuji-Haya Electric solves this problem by collaborating with Industrial Engineers Electrical Engineers and skilled assemblers and electricians.. Line balancing studies were conducted and the optimized assembly process for every type of customer requirement and specification was achieved.

The copper busbars are the lifeblood of every Switchgear and Panelboard. This is where electricity passes so the process of busbarring is of utmost importance. However some manufacturers do not see it like this and would do shortcuts such as using recycled busbar. All of the busbars used by Fuji-Haya Electric are imported and unrecycled. Moreover the processing of these busbars are based on detailed Auto CAD drawings and verified by our Professional Electrical Engineers to ensure that the measurements are in accordance.

Fuji-Haya Electric's after sales and quality assurance engineers are available 247 to provide our clients with correct information quality service and most importantly peace of mind. We do not exaggerate when we say that EVERYTHING is tested even down to the thousands of small circuit breakers. No detail is left unchecked.

Our Switchgears have been delivered to as far as the Middle East and Africa. These equipment weigh as much as 5 tons and could go as 7 meters in height. That is why Fuji-Haya Electric takes this procedure seriously by having the latest state of the art hauling and positioning equipment available in the industry. Together with the efficient manufacturing process Fuji-Haya Electric has perfected we are able to produce and deliver customer’s requirements at the shortest lead time possible.




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